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Let 's get  to know me


I was born in Brazil in a town called Curitiba. I was lucky enough to have successful parents who were able to take my sister and I almost every year to go to Disney World, Hawaii and so many cool places in the US.

That created a bug inside of me that was telling me that there was something special about the US. So I decided to follow my dreams and take the leap, moving to San Diego in sunny California. By the way, I still go to Disneyland and enjoy every second. My wife says I will be always an eternal child.

Here, I started washing dishes at a coffee shop but always had a smile on my face just for being here. Slowly, I start moving up finding my own path. 

I got married in Hawaii and that was the beginning of the new path in my life.


We have two beautiful boys that made me realize even more how important family is. I do everything for them and love them unconditionally.

Rafa Pires Photography
San Diego Family Photography

“" Family is not an important  thing. It’s everything."”

Image by Tim Marshall

Fun facts about me

01 - Did I tell you that I love surfing?

02 - I love Thai food.

03 - I am a goofy father. Whatever it takes to steal a smile from my kids.

04 - I am afraid of flying !!

Rafa Pires
Rafa Pires San Diego Photographer


I know it might sound totally cliche for a photographer to say, but yeah, I had a camera since I was 4. My first camera was a King Regula Olymatic. My parents bought it in New York in the '80s, and eventually, I was using it more than them. So I started taking pictures of everything, even when I was pointing the wrong way.


Nowadays, when I am not taking photos or shooting videos, you will find me surfing in Leucadia, camping, taking my kids to karate, baseball practice, and so on. Life is short and I try to keep myself and my family active as much as possible, enjoying every second.


Being a Family photographer is not just business, it's personal. You're responsible to make memories live forever. Memories fade with time and the best way to go back in time is through still images and videos. So, until the time machine is invented, the closest you can get to time travel are your photos and videos.


Every family is different like every photo session and nothing is perfect. That is what being human is, and it does not matter how much chaos, or ups and downs we face in this life. That is our nature, but one thing is always the same in every family I photograph: they all love each other.

Life is short and memories fade away. So, please, capture every moment that you have with your loved ones. Use your phone, buy a camera, or hire me so we can make that precious moment unforgettable. You will thank me when we all grow older and look back to the beautiful memories we have captured.


Be happy and live your life to  the fullest !

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