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There is not a single day when you can say that you have learned enough. Life is a learning journey. We study, explore, and work hard to leave our mark and be proud of what we do.

All that journey can sometimes be overwhelming with so many talented people out there. In the era of social media, it is hard to not compare your work with someone else that you believe is better than you. Believe me, I have been there but I have learned that your biggest competitor is not the people out there, is yourself. You can never let you're old yourself beat whom you want to be now and tomorrow. 

All that starts with the actions you do. Searching for mentoring is one of them. If you are here is because you care about improving yourself and being better at what you love to do.

There is no magic or mentoring that will turn you into an amazing photographer overnight. It requires time, passion, and effort. With what I have learned and still learning during all my professional years I can share with you in your journey. I love to teach and help with things that I have struggled with before and I wished I had found my mentors earlier.

Let's be friends and I promise I will share everything I know to help you.


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The Coffe SHop   $700

In this mentoring, we sit together in a coffee shop, workplace, or online via Zoom for 3+ hours where we go over your business and where you want to be. We go over your website, branding, portfolio, editing, and so on.

First, before our session, you will send me your images so I can prepare and we can edit them together in Lightroom and Photoshop to find your desired look. Stop spending so much money on presets. You will see that is not rocket science. We will go over my presets, actions, brushes, and some special tricks.


We will look at your business approach, emails/client communication, etc. Also, the things you are doing and what you can do to improve and save time connecting with current and new clients.

We will dive into two things that I consider very important, location and styling. I will share everything I know and how we can elevate your next session immediately.

This mentoring does not end there, you will have all my contacts to follow up with me whenever you want.

A deposit of $350 is due at booking and the remaining one day prior to our session.

In-person sessions must be in the San Diego area.

All In.    $1400

In this mentoring, we will shoot a session together and you will follow along with how I do every single step of my business. We will go over the photos you took during the session and edit them together.

It is the Coffee Shop mentoring plus the actual live shooting session. Pick your subject: family, couples, newborn, or maternity and we will tailor the session to help you from the beginning till the end.

This is an amazing way to see how I work around clients including kids, couples, expecting moms, etc. You will witness how I do NOT pose them but use different ways to make them comfortable and natural in front of the camera.

A deposit of $700 is due at booking and the remaining one day prior to our first session.

In-person sessions must be in the San Diego area.

Shooting Session's location will be determined by me after talking about your goals.


“The best investment you can make is in yourself”

"Thanks Rafa. After doing you mentoring my eyes opened in so many ways that I can already see the improvement in my photography. Love."

Mel R.


"Totally worth it. I have done many mentoring courses and I always learn something new. But Rafa's gave me a new perspective on everything".

Jenny H.

No words to describe how much fun I had during your mentorship and how much I learned. Thanks, Rafa for everything".

Karen B.

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